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By November 11, 2018No Comments
FX Learning The Binary Destroyer Testimonial

Week 45 in 2018 will certainly go down as one of our best weeks ever for results. The amount of success stories and results from our BD members was simply amazing. This all started from the webinar we had on the Sunday. In that webinar we did some live trading and covered the good and bad trades and we set the training Homework for the week. That webinar clicked for a lot of our members and the results prove that. This particular result comes from a BD member who has been making steady profits with the BD 5.0 for over a year now. This week he managed to make £17.5k in profits! This is more than some professional footballs earn in a week. Lets hope we can carry on the success and end another week in profit for everyone.



Jamie Palmer

Jamie Palmer

Jamie - CEO of Fx Learning