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To be a successful trader in the Forex Market involves two things; a profitable strategy and market knowledge. This where Fx Learning rises above the rest of the competition.

A standard training course learning to trade Forex can range from £500 to £5000, our courses (beginner to advanced), range from FREE to £165 with the option of 1 to 1 webinars AND all training comes with Binary Destroyer 8.0 as standard. We at Fx Learning understand you would like to be financially free or have another source of income to fund the niceties in life, to help you along the path to financial independence we have designed our  training courses to be affordable to everyone.

We acknowledge that our members come with a wide variety of experience; we have a course that will fit you. Whether a complete beginner looking to start a career in trading with our help, or an experienced trader who is looking to broaden their knowledge, we have got it covered.  One of our two core trading courses will satisfy your needs: Beginner or Intermediate . Plus, for those completely new to trading we offer our free Basic course to get you started and let you decide whether you want to seriously start your journey to financial freedom.

As a bonus, all of our training comes with expert support and no monthly costs. Just one upfront fee and training, support and updates for life!

FX Learning The Binary Destroyer Computer Desktop

A Typical week in the Fx Learning Family.

  • Sunday – Webinar: Setting of homework for the week.

  • Monday – Trading.

  • Tuesday – Trading.

  • Wednesday – Training day: We upload a new training materiel into our members area.

  • Thursday – Trading

  • Friday – Trader of the Week (we reveal and reward the member who has demonstrated most improvement)

  • Saturday – Members Requests: What are your training needs for the coming week?

There is no limit to our support!

If you need it, we provide it!

 On top of our weekly routine we also regularly add new training material and new services to support out members.

The moment you join us you have full access to our members area, Facebook Groups, Telegram groups, weekly webinars, online courses,exams, training videos.

Access to the Binary Destroyer 8.0

Developing the right temperament to taking a trade is paramount to making consistent profits. It will be your first lesson.

Once a year all members are invited to meet and celebrate another successful year of trading (details later).

Members Area

Every member that joins gets access to our bespoke Learning Centre. This is where you will find our; online courses, exams, weekly webinars and training, enabling you to learn at your own pace. We are also mobile friendly, so if you have a busy lifestyle, you can learn on the go! Don’t forget: our training is for life, so if you need the extra guidance, we will support you.

Each of our unique strategies embedded within The Binary Destroyer 8.0 comes with its own online course, and exam. There are hours of live videos and webinars for each. Because we all learn uniquely, we have both written and visual training of all our strategies with access to our trainers. On top of this, you have the training package you have chosen to follow. So, whether it’s the Beginners to Expert or the Standard course, we have enough training and content to keep you learning and developing your skills for hours!