This is the part where Fx Learning rises above the rest. A standard training course to learn Forex ranges from £500 to £5000, Yet ours cost £100 and it comes with our BD 6.0. We understand everyone wants to be financial free or earn an extra income, so we have made our courses affordable for everyone.

What you will learn with us is a set of skills that can potentially change your life for the better. We have specially built a training course that has proven to teach you from the ground up to be successful in trading. When you purchase your copy of the BD 6.0, you will have access to our members area on the website. This is where all our training, support and webinars take place. We also have our special Facebook VIP Group too where all our members can discuss trade ideas and setups.

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A Typical week in the Fx Learning Family.

  • Sunday – Webinar day and setting the Homework for the week.
  • Monday – Trading.
  • Tuesday – Trading.
  • Wednesday – Training day where we do some live trading for all our members.
  • Thursday – Trading
  • Friday – Trader of the Week (the person who progressed the most).
  • Saturday – We ask our members what they want to learn for the coming week.

There is no limit to our support, if you need it, we will provide it

 On top of our weekly routine we also regularly add new training material and new services to support out members.

The moment you join us we ask you to complete our beginners course. This is where we find out how experienced you are at trading and if you require extra support. We teach you everything from money management, emotions discipline and the mind-set needed to be a trader. Have the right mind-set is the first step needed to make profits, so that is why its our first lesson.

Access to the Binary Destroyer 6.0

Once a month we will organise a meet up in London for our UK members to receive some one on one training and support. This is also a great way to put faces to names and hear everyone trading stories.

 Once a year we will hold our yearly party to celebrate another succesfull year together . Again you will have access to this also.

Fx Learning has taught me so much about trading and my results speak for themselves

– Enis Hassan

FX Learning The Binary Destroyer Trader Of The Week