At Fx learning we are unique in the way we train our members. Our educational course has been designed to teach you the fundamentals needed to be succesfull in trading. To do this we use our strategy which we have used from day one. The Binary Destroyer or BD 6.0 for short is our sixth generation in MT4 Indicators and each year we update it free of charge for our members to ensure we are keeping up to date with the latest technology.

The reason we use our BD 6.0 is because its important to make sure all our members are trading the same strategy so we can ensure they are receiving the right training. Changing your strategy is the quickest way of failing in trading so its vital you follow our training course. We build your future from the ground up. We teach you the mind-set needed to be a successful trader as well as money management and discipline. This way of teaching has proven to help our members to become profitable in the Forex market.

Why was Fx Learning created?

Fx Learning used to be called The Binary Destroyer but we found 70% of our traders were trading Forex, so we thought it was only wise to rename our self while still keeping our heritage. Fx Learning started from people like yourself. We were all beginners once not knowing anything about trading to building a career out of it. That’s why our training is so unique because we have been in your shoes. We understand how our members want to learn and we don’t promise to delivery things we cant deliver. We are just a family of traders with the passion to help others to become financial free in trading.

The Binary destroyer 6.0 - FX Learning

Our Sixth Generation In Trading Indicators

Using the latest Algorithm technology to give us trading signals

4000 x faster than the previous 5.0

Email, Text and Notifications sent directly to your mobile

Signals that appear only when they meet our strategy

Compatible with our Mobile App

The Binary Destroyer 6.0

The BD 6.0 is simply our strategy in a file. We use two main platforms to trade from (MT4 or Ctrader) and the user would simply install the files onto their chosen platform. The BD 6.0 is based purely on Price Action. It uses ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ zones analysing the moving averages and calculates where the price is likely to reverse and then providing signal arrows to confirm the market has reversed. The BD 6.0 can be used to trade both Binary and Forex from short term trading to long term trading. During the short time is has been available; the indicator has received much praise from traders and has been described as being one of the best “indicators” around. It is also one of the first indicators to be registered with Companies House.

What Also Do I Receive With My Copy of The Bd 6.0?

It doesn’t matter which option you choose, The BD 6.0 on MetaTrader 4 or Ctrader both come with Training, Support and updates FOR LIFE! This is something very unique and completely different to anyone else as you are basically enrolled onto our training program where we have no limitations to the amount of support you receive. If you need it, we will provide it. When you become one of our community of users, you become part of our family. As well as free updates will be eligible for any new services and initiatives suggested by our family members.

You get special access to our members area of the website and the VIP Group, where all our weekly webinars and videos are held.

We even have special admins in charge of different trading styles so it doesn’t matter what you struggle on, we have the right trainers to guild you along the way.

Click here to see in more detail on what you will receive along side your copy of the BD 6.0.