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Here at Fx Learning we consider ourselves unique in the way we train our members.

Each of our courses has been designed to teach the fundamentals necessary to be successful in trading. Training is built around our market leading indicator The Binary Destroyer, used by traders and members since 2015. Currently, The Binary Destroyer (BD 8.0) is in its eighth generation, we are constantly improving its algorithms to ensure it continues to reflect market change and remains the indicator of choice. As a member you will receive free of charge all updates, ensuring you have access to the best tools to develop your learning and trading.

Our aim is to partner each member on their journey to financial independence; BD 8.0 is the core resource to facilitate this journey. By building our courses around BD 8.0 we are ensuring that you will receive the best possible training and support from our Educational Team and your BD family members. For over 7 years Fx Learning has been building a family of successful traders who understand the need for consistency of approach in both their learning and trading the market.

The BD 8.0 indicator has been created from over 10 years of market knowledge. Starting out as small Facebook Group of retail traders, we have now grown to over 18,000 members from 67 different countries. With our passion for helping others, The Binary Destroyer has been the market leader of indicators in both Forex and Binary Trading and consistently proven to be a winner in the markets.  From its early origin as a Binary Options trading tool in the currency market, The Binary Destroyer indicator has progressively been updated to work with both Binary and Forex trading. Today, over 70% of our members are now trading Forex; maybe the BD 8.0 should be called the Forex Destroyer?

Our Eighth Generation Trading Indicator

Using the latest Algorithm Technology to produce trading setups

9000 x faster than the previous 7.0

Email, Text and Notifications sent directly to your mobile

Signals that appear only when they meet our strategy

Compatible with our Mobile App

The Binary Destroyer 8.0

First developed in 2015, The Binary Destroyer indicator has been a leading name in trading indicators. Its algorithms are regularly updated to adapt to market changes and the newest trading technology, enhancing its performance. Globally recognized, The BD offers unique features not seen in other indicators. Year after year, it’s considered among the top trading indicators worldwide.

Available on platforms such as Meta Trader 4, Meta Trader 5, and Ctrader, BD 8.0 is grounded in Price Action. It focuses on “Buy” and “Sell” zones, analyzing candlestick patterns to predict price reversals, using signal arrows as confirmation. Embedded within are five primary strategies that yield consistent profits across diverse market conditions. This distinctiveness of The Binary Destroyer indicator allows it to be applicable in Forex, Binary trading, Currency pairs, Stocks, indices, and cryptocurrencies, fitting all trading styles

The First Non-Repaint Indicator With 5 Built-In Strategies

The Binary Destroyer indicator is the first Indicator on the market that has 5 built in strategies. Every trader has different strength and weaknesses, so we have programmed five strategies to help our members to become successful. Each strategy has been designed to deliver consistent profits over different market conditions. We are the first company to offer this feature in our indicator.

BD / Mogwai Strategy

The BD Strategy is our most famous strategy of all time. If you know the Binary Destroyer then you will know this strategy! This is a simple yet powerful strategy that is perfect for trading with the trend, range bouncing and also reversals. This diverse strategy makes it perfect for trading both Forex and Binary, and this is why its regarded as one of the best strategies out there to date. Everyone one our full time members started their trading career mastering this strategy.

Pullback Strategy

The Pullback Strategy is a trend trading strategy that is perfect for teaching beginners about trading trends in a market. This style of trading makes it perfect for Forex scalping and Swing trading, as you are capturing large moves in the market as soon as a reversal happens. This strategy is extremely simple and it teaches the core elements needed to be successful in the markets. I’m sure you have heard the saying “Trend is your Friend” well this certainly true when trading this strategy.

Divergence With The Binary Destroyer 8.0

Another awesome feature about the Binary Destroyer 8.0 is its ability to spot Divergence and give us a signal. Divergence trading is a powerful way of spotting when momentum is slowing down in the market, and when a reversal is likely to happen. Adding this style of trading with the Binary Destroyer makes trading more enjoyable for both Forex and Binary trading. Divergence trading is a Price Action Strategy that has been used since chart trading began over 20 years ago.