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Soft4fx Simulator

Forex trading takes a lot of practice in front of live charts to master a strategy and perfect your skills. Finding the time to practice, can always be quite difficult, especially when the only free time you may have is at the weekend when the markets are closed. This is why FX Learning has teamed up with Soft4Fx to bring you a revolutionary new trading simulator that lets you pause, re-wind and speed up the charts like the real thing, at any time of the day and week. This is the same simulator that we use in our YouTube videos and training Webinars.The advantage of this simulator is that it allows you to take trades, enabling you to improve your trading skills at any time.

The best part is it even lets you take trades so you can really perfect your trading skills at the weekends.

How Does it Work?

This Simulator works as an Expert Advisor in your Meta Trader 4. You simply load it up, choose the currency pair you want to trade then select the date and time frame and off you go. You can even simulate multiply time frames, all at the same time, enabling you to do real-time analysis. It genuinely feels like you are playing the real markets. We highly recommend this software to all of our members as experience has demonstrated time and time again, the learning process is greatly speeded up.


  •          Easy to install and use
  •          Simulates any date and time
  •          Simulates multiply time frames
  •        Takes Forex trades – sets stop losses AND takes profits
  •          See an analysis of your trading history

If you struggle to find time to practice on live charts, then this is the simulator for you. Spend your weekends perfecting your skills and then test them out during the week on the live charts.


One Time Payment

Live Time Licence 

2 Meta Trader 4 Accounts

14 Day Money Back Guarantee