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About Us

In 2017, Jamie Palmer launched FX Learning following the success of his personal trading strategies, which garnered public attention as he expanded his trading account.

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Our Courses

Free Basic Course

Experience our training and community with this introductory free Price Action course designed for beginners.

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Intermediate Course

Join our 3,000 members in experiencing the power of the Binary Destroyer indicator and its unique trading style.

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Beginner to Expert

Learn the Binary Destroyer indicator from start to finish, and join our worldwide community with over 3,000 members,

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Support and Resistance

Take your trading to the next level and learn everything there is to support & resistance trading.

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Learn to trade.

Why learn with us?

We frequently update training materials for our members. Learn essential trading skills and gain access to the Binary Destroyer 8.0, webinars, courses, videos, and community groups. We annually celebrate trading successes with a member gathering.


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Join the BD Family!

By joining our family of dedicated traders you will learn to develop some of the most powerful skills needed to succeed in trading. No matter what your trading experience and market knowledge is, by the end of your training, you will have all the information needed to master the currency markets. Our training spans the globe to 30+ different countries and our community is rapidly growing. When you become a family member, you are always a family member. That’s why access to our support, training and updates are for life.