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This is a copy from an email we received from a long term BD member called John.

Hi Jamie,

I just wanted to thank you for your amazing teaching in the members area of BD. I’m very grateful to you for giving us so much valuable information on how to use your indicators and of course all the other video training as well. You also spend a lot of time helping members in the chat groups which is also amazing. Your very patient with people who take a little longer to grasp the fundamentals and I would include myself in that group for sure. This is the best group I have ever had the privilege to join, as you now have other people in the group doing some teaching as well which is so great. You have a gift of teaching I believe alongside a great heart in helping others and in these days that’s rare to find.

So God Bless you Jamie and I will keep you in my prayers

God Bless

John *****


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