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Our Courses

Free Course

Level : Beginner

This course gives you a taster on how we teach and train our members. We teach you the basics of the Forex Market and how to profit from it. We show you a nice little trend trading strategy in this course.


Beginners to Expert Course

Level : Beginner

*Includes the Binary Destroyer 8.0

If you are completely new to Forex Trading then this is the course for you. Designed to teach you the foundations needed to master the Forex markets. We also teach you our famous Binary Destroyer Indicator.


The Standard Trader Course

Level : Intermediate

*Includes the Binary Destroyer 8.0

If you already know the basics of Forex trading, but looking for a profitable trading Indicator to trade Forex, Binary, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Indices and Gold? Then this is the course for you.


One on One webinar Forex Trading Course

One on One Webinar

Level : Beginner to Advanced

A personal one on one webinar going over your trading, and offering support and training to improve it. All our webinars are carried out on Zoom and require the member to have this installed on their computer or phone.

£75 for 90 Minutes



active members

 1000+ Succesful Trades

around the world


Starting Price

Training, Support and Updates for life.

Join our worldwide community and start making the first steps to your financial freedom.

Joining us is very easy and best of all affordable for everyone. You have to remember we set Fx Learning up to help others and educate others so therefore our joining price is a lot cheaper than any other online training courses and regarded as one of the best too.

Muddassir & Sani with their copy of the BD 5.0

Choosing your course

It doesn’t matter which course you choose, we can promise you these things

  • All future updates for the Binary Destroyer Indicator will be free to you for life.
  • You will get access to our weekly training webinars every week for life.
  • You will have the support when you need it the most.
  • You will have full access to our online members area for life. 
  • We will go above and beyond to support and guide you.