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If you already know the basics, and have already placed your first trade and simply just looking for a proven profitable indicator, with an awesome community? Then this is the course for you. We have specifically designed this course for traders looking for a simple approach to mastering the charts using our world famous indicator the Binary Destroyer.

*Includes The Binary Destroyer Indicator

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Is this the right course for me?


If you are looking for a no nonsense simple approach to the charts, then this intermediate course is for you. This is a 6 month course that is designed to teach you the fundamentals needed to pull a profit from the markets. Using our world famous indicator the Binary Destroyer, you will learn five of our most successful strategies, and have the support from our community helping you along your journey to profits. You will learn everything from taking a trade to managing a trade. 

It does not matter how long it takes you to master our strategies, our support and guidance will be with you for life. 

As a member you also gain access to our private Facebook & Telegram groups, where members share their knowledge too. 


What will you receive?

Since 2017 the Binary Destroyer and our training has won multiply awards for its simple no nonsense approach to the charts. This course will teach you five of our most profitable strategies with the Binary Destroyer,  as well money management and Price Action. As well as receiving this course, you will also gain access to our exclusive BD community, where we have over 3,000 members and full time millionaire traders sharing and giving their knowledge back to the community.

There are no limits to our support.  A onetime course free will gain you access to daily live streams with our members, weekly webinars, daily support and guidance, plus updates for life!  A deal that cannot be matched anywhere else in the Forex industry!

How long does the course take to complete?

This course is designed to take around 6 months to complete. It includes homework, challenges and exams which all need to be completed before moving onto the next section. You will also gain access to our weekly webinars and live trading streams every day to help you along your trading journey.

What does this course teach me?

This course will teach you how to install, setup, and trade all five of our most profitable strategies with the Binary Destroyer indicator. You will also learn about the Price Action around each strategy and understand why they work so good in the markets. You will also learn about trade management and the correct way to build accounts up to gain consistency.

What do I receive when I purchase this course?

So when you purchase this course, you also become a BD member. This will gain you access to our exclusive membership club, which includes unlimited, lifetime support and guidance with your trading.

  • The Binary Destroyer intermediate course
  • The Binary Destroyer Indicator
  • Access to our private Facebook & Telegram group
  • Live Trading every day as a community
  • Weekly Webinars
  • Hours of training videos from us and other profitable BD members.
  • Price Action strategies created from our most successful members.
  • Support 24/7
  • Training, support and updates for life.

Will I become profitable after this course?

We have been teaching our members since 2017 and we have created a lot of millionaire traders over them years, but being successful is not just about the chart work. It involves changing as a human and kicking the bad habits you have as a person and as a trader. We provide all the support and guidance you need to master this industry, but the hard work has to come from you. Just remember our support and training is for life. So it doesn’t matter if it takes you 3 months or 3 years, we will always be on hand to guide you into the right direction.

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