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Fulltime Trader Thanks To Jamie

By January 21, 2023No Comments

As we continue to grow, we receive more and more amazing feedback from our members. However there is one feedback that always makes our day, and that is when a member of ours becomes a full time trader. For us as a company it makes the work we put in behind the scenes all totally worth it. We know how hard it is to become a full time trader, as it involves changing as a person to get there. Most traders work a day job, or have work commitments that make it challenging to be able to find time to trade. When someone makes that jump to quitting their job though and trading full time, it can take a certain level of confidence in your own trading ability to be able to do that. We like to award any member of ours that takes that jump.

Most traders need to understand that being a successful trader takes years of dedication and motivation to get there, and its something that 99% of traders are not willing to invest that much time into. They want to be successful, but lack the determination to get there.

We want to wish Jari all the best in the future!

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