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£6 to £1,000 Challenge

By January 6, 2021January 22nd, 2021No Comments

So during Lock down 1.0 in 2020 I gave my partner a £100 trading account to kill some time during the UK’s original two month lock. Unfortunately even though she managed to turn that account to £185, the inevitable happened,  and she blew the account. A simple mistake of forgetting to set a stop-loss resulted in the account being margin called and ending up with only £6 left in it. I then decided to set myself a challenge to build that account back up to £100 and then £1,000. Now this challenge is near impossible as I have never seen any trader trade with such a tiny £6. There really is no room for mistakes. The Rules for this challenge are pretty simple.


Only Trade with the Binary Destroyer 7.0

Trade using the Mogwai Strategy

Take every trade live on his YouTube Channel

Show Verified Results

I wanted to do this challenge for my YouTube followers to show them what is achievable not only from the Binary Destroyer, but from actually learning how to trade. My trading results so far from this challenge are above. You can also follow my progress to, and watch me trade live all on our YouTube Channel. Click Here

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