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BD Member hits 1 Million Trading Account

By August 16, 2021No Comments

If you are a BD member or watch our Youtube video alot, you will know about Marc. Marc joined us in 2017 and traded his way to becoming one of our top students and admins. He has a heart of gold, and is willing to do anything to help the other students succeed too. Even though he has mastered the Binary Destroyer, he still gets up at 5:00am (Australian Time) to attend our weekly webinars. With that level of dedication its no surprise that his trading account has just ticked over the 1 million Aud mark. With every succesful story though, we like to give you the facts. Marc has been activate in the group every day since he joined us in 2017.That is over 4 years ago!  He attends every webinar, watches every video, and takes part in any new services we offer our members. That level of hard work has got him to where he is today, and that is why he is our top student.

We can not personally fault Marc when it comes to his trading, and we struggle to find any other student who can match his determination. We want to wish Marc a happy succesful future with us, and no doubt we will see him again on our next webinar!





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