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Blown Away By The Training!

By November 14, 2021No Comments

At FX Learning we love seeing our members enjoy their learning with us. We place a lot of emphasis on keeping our trading simply and easy to understand. The more our members enjoy our training, the more enjoyable their trading becomes. Simon recently joined us in October 2021 and since then, he has been blown away with our training. This is something we absolutely love, as it shows we are doing it right with our training.

We have seen an influx of traders join us recently, who all have the intent of completing the FTMO Challenge. This is a great challenge to do if you are looking to get a funded trading account. Its safe to say that Simon is on his way to completing this challenge and getting a funded account.  We wish him all the best in his trading career, and its a great honor that he chose us to do it with.

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