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Teaching My Partner To Trade Challenge

By April 5, 2020January 6th, 2021No Comments

First of all the whole of the Fx Learning team would like to wish everyone safe and good health during this world pandemic. Its a tough time at the minute and nobody knows how long this lock down and isolation will last in the UK. This is why Fx Learning has decided to try and bring the trading community together and bring some fun and enjoyment during these dark times. Jamie has set a challenge to try and teach his partner to trade within 5 lessons/webinars.

Ruth has zero knowledge when it comes to trading, but she is determined to be able to learn a new skill to help bring in a side income during this lock down period. The lessons will be streamed live on webinars so the whole of the BD community and the rest of the world can get involved too, and help towards this challenge. Its a great way to learn a new skill and bring the trading community together during these tough times.

If you want to get involved then head to our free Facebook Group where we share the webinar times and links to each webinar/lesson.

See you there and stay safe!!!

–  Jamie Palmer

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